We are pleased to inform that Admission 2013 is open and we invite Applications from prospective students for below mentioned courses

B.Sc Animation | B.Sc Gaming | M.Sc Animation | M.Sc Film Technology | PG Diploma in Film Technology | PG Diploma in Mass Communication | Certificate Programs | Online Programs

Inspiration is a key for winning. We make you get inspired by stalwarts and leaders of industry. Convoy of dignitaries has walked into MASC campus to motivate our students. Director Jeyam Raja once graced MASC students and awarded toppers of college. This not only motivated students, Read more...

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"Final year students of M.Sc Animation and B.Sc Animation gets into Boston Media Tech for Internship from April 8th - Admission Open - Media Job Fair at MASC campus shortly - Semester examination begins on May 14th 2013"

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  • Mar 2013

    MASC sets Admission Office

  • Feb 2013

    Signing MoU with Vels University

  • Jan 2013

    Students make Short Films for Contest

  • Jan 2013

    Guest Lecture on Editing

  • Dec 2012

    Guest Lecture on Cinematography

  • Nov 2012

    Film Department students at Studio workshop

  • Nov 2012

    Students attend IFFI, Goa

  • Oct 16th 2012

    Photography Seminar – Mr Rathinavel

  • Oct 10th 2012

    MASC Trophy – Inter School Cricket Tournament

  • Sep 8th 2012

    MASC Trophy – Inter Collegiate Cricket Tournament

Jeyam Raja about MASC


Students of Media Arts & Science College gets into action through various contests, competition, and symposiums held across Chennai and India. This could be an Intercollegiate or Intracollege event. Key strength of any student can be exposed through this...