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mario valentino bags | Valentino Shoes Outlet

mario valentino bags |

What trends are you hoping to see at Fashion Week?

It’s that time of year again! Time for runway shows and cool parties and capital-F Fashion. Even if you’re not going to the shows or parties, your opinions still matter you’re one of the people who will be buying the ready-to-wear, shoes and handbags that come down the runway at Fashion Week. With shows starting today in New York for the Spring/Summer 2011 collections, let’s whip out the PurseBlog Magic Eight-Ball-o-Fashionâ„¢ and predict what we’ll be seeing this week and wearing six months from now.

And I predict…brights! Well, I didn’t so much predict it as glean the knowledge from reading some insider-y reviews of collection previews (all while the actual views have yet to happen the English language is wonky), but saturated,
Valentino Shoes Outlet, fun colors seem to be making a resurgence. For anyone who’s sick of looking at all the beige and tan that designers decided we wanted to wear for fall, it will be a welcome change if brights do indeed retake the runway. So what are you looking forward to,
Red Valentino Shoes Red Valentino, and what do you hope to see? We’ll have summaries of the best shows (and the best handbags,
Valentino Handbags for Women, naturally) all week long!

Amanda Mull ON

Cheap Valentino Shoes Sale.9.10 IN

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  • valentino mens shoes | Cheap Valentino Women’s High Heels

    valentino mens shoes | names this Fendi clutch the top bag of Fall 2012 – do you agree?

    Anyone who’s opened a high-end fashion magazine in the recent past knows,
    Cheap Valentino Women’s High Heels, those types of publications are focused on aesthetics to the near-complete exclusion of practical concerns. may be known as a website first and a magazine second (check out the print edition, though, it’s pretty fun), but it still follows that same fashion mag edict form first, function second, if at all. Depending on the application, that ethos can either be fantastical or head-scratchingly odd.

    The site recently released its top 10 lists for the season’s accessories, and its choice for The Best Bag of Fall 2012 struck me as the latter. This Fendi Crocodile Clutch maybe be a beautiful evening bag, but a great piece of functional design it is not. Box clutches never are, no matter how pretty they may be. Not only that, but this little evening bag isn’t even indicative of the season’s overall accessories trends. So what gives?

    Making best lists is somewhat subjective, naturally, but I always try to follow a set of personal guidelines when I write mine for PurseBlog. Not only does a bag have to have that special spark of brilliance that can’t quite be described,
    Cheap Valentino Shoes Sale, but if it’s going on a seasonal list, it should somehow relate to where the handbag category is going in the months to come. Not only that, but it should be a piece that can somehow be relevant to the lives of bag lovers; even if it’s not a potential hysteria-creating It Bag, a purse needs to appeal to a significant consumer audience to be best.

    Bags differ from ready-to-wear and maybe even shoes in that way; they form the financial engine of many of your favorite companies, and as a result, function plays into their design much more heavily than it does with,
    Cheap Valentino Women’s flats, say, an evening gown. Naturally, a bag’s design merits have to be evaluated differently. This clutch, with its glossy green crocodile and picayune proportion,
    Valentino Rockstud Shoes, is beautiful but not particularly interesting, not to mention a bit irrelevant to the average high-end handbag consumer. In my mind, it would definitely make a list of best clutches but come nowhere close to winning the season. I’d reserve that honor for a piece from the Chloe or Chanel collections, or maybe even for something else from the same Fendi line. Agree? Disagree? Tell us what makes a best bag in your mind.

    Amanda Mull ON

    4.9.12 IN

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  • wedding dress valentino | Red Valentino Shoes Red Valentino

    wedding dress valentino |

    Watch out for an Hermes price increase in the coming weeks

    We don’t delight in bad news around here, and a price increase is just about the worst news that you can ever expect to find on a handbag blog. (We’re lucky that way.) Unfortunately, that’s what this time of year brings for Hermes lovers,
    Red Valentino Shoes Red Valentino, and NYC shopping blog Mizhattan reports that we can expect a noticeable uptick in price for everything from Birkins to Colliers de Chien to flasks. How much? That depends.

    The price increase is rumored to be between seven and 10 percent, depending on product, which would raise the price of the brand’s marquee handbags by over a thousand dollars apiece for higher-end leathers and exotics. It seems as though the increase will phase in start any day now and running through the beginning of February, and as Mizhattan mentions,
    Valentino Red Women Shoes, it seems logical that bags would be among the first pieces to see the hike because of their importance in the Hermes product lineup.

    Hermes also increased its prices at the end of January last year, and it seems as though the brand will continue to do it until the market won’t bear it anymore. Birkins, Kellys and all of Hermes’ other bags still fly off the shelves as fast as they can be cranked out, it seems as though we have a ways to go before a slowdown. Does the price increase make you any less likely to buy something from Hermes, or are price increases just part of being a luxury consumer?

    Amanda Mull ON

    Buy Cheap Valentino Replica Bags.22,
    Cheap Valentino Shoes Sale.13 IN

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  • valentino lace shoes | Discount Valentino Handbags

    valentino lace shoes | ,
    Discount Valentino Handbags

    Save, Spend, Splurge: Proenza Schouler Python

    Normally we do our Save, Spend,
    Red Valentino Shoes Red Valentino, Splurge features with different brands that achieve a similar look at a variety of price points, but everyone on the PurseBlog team is so obsessed with Proenza Schouler’s bags that we thought the brand deserved a post all to itself. Believe it or not, Proenza actually does offer its bags and accessories at a fairly wide price point.

    You can even get the very expensive python look for less than $200, depending on your personal taste and accessories budget. If you’ve got somewhat more generous means,
    Valentino Sneakers Womens Sale, well, Proenza can accomodate that as well,
    Cheap Valentino Shoes Sale, of course. Whether you’re partial to neutral tones or neons, PS1s or PS11s…didn’t we tell you that these bags were versatile?

    Proenza Schouler PS1 Wallet, $165 via Proenza Schouler

    Proenza Schouler PS11 Clutch, $2365 via Proenza Schouler

    Proenza Schouler PS1 Neon Python Satchel, $3645 via Proenza Schouler

    Amanda Mull ON

    3.13.12 IN

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  • valentino sunglasses women | Valentino Sneakers Womens Sale

    valentino sunglasses women |

    Zac Posen Aurora Leather Handbag

    The Zac Posen woman is an intelligent woman who loves rare and exceptional things. She’s adventurous and extremely sexy. … Personal style is part of her way of thinking, of shopping and buying, Zac Posen said. On his quest to establish a fashion empire, the 25 year old designer has recently started a line of handbags that are already seen being carried by A-list celebs. Not that what the celebs carry is what makes or brakes a designer, but many people do follow the footsteps and trends of Hollywood. Perfectly sexy,
    Valentino Sneakers Womens Sale, the Zac Posen Aurora Leather Handbag can bring out the sophisticated woman in any of us. Out of the color palette,
    Discount Valentino Handbags, this is the mos sultry and luscious red leather I have seen. The divine red leather is offset by silver hardware and brown panel trim. A chunky silver chain falls across the body of the bag and has a mirror on the end which can be tucked in a pocket near the base of the bag. That mirror is perfect for the compulsive ‘do I have anything in my teeth’ checkers. Brown suede lining finishing off this beautiful handbag. Most people at 23 are trying to find their way after college,
    Valentino Shoes Replica, through long vacations and any other means to put off the real world. Zac Posen is on his quest to take over the world, which he may just do. Available via Net-A-Porter for $1400.

    Megs Mahoney Dusil ON

    Cheap Valentino Shoes Sale.07 IN

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  • valentino rock stud | Valentino Shoes Outlet

    valentino rock stud |

    Review: Lambertson Truex Dietrich

    Richard Lambertson and John Truex have quickly become one of our favorite design teams. Their designs are flawless, meticulous, pay close attention to each detail,
    Valentino Shoes Outlet, and are ultimately wearable. The only downfall they ever fall on is being too safe, too far away from monogramming their bags. I am not asking for a tacky monogram all over,
    Cheap Valentino Shoes Sale, but they should show off a bit more, let us all know that this is theirs! With their clutches the signature LT closure signals that this is Lambertson Truex without going overboard. After reviewing the Lambertson Truex Gallo, I was left in love and wanting more. And with a shipment of quite a few Lambertson Truex Bags from the resort collection, we had a selection to choose from.

    This is where the ultimately soft and chic Lambertson Truex Dietrich won my heart over. On paper it sounded great, in person it is amazing! This clutch is small but perfect for evenings and will easily fit in your hand without being awkwardly large or heavy. The sand python skin is given a sueded effect, which makes it buttery soft to the touch and strays from the flaky feeling python is known for. I have raved about sueding skins before, and this clutch only sent my love of this treatment further into handbag bliss. With natural earth-tone colors, this clutch can be worn season after season continuing to make a statement and not be out of style.

    Not only does the outside meet my fancy, but the inside is as practical as they come. I played around with the clutch, and was able to fit my iPhone, credit cards, cash, lip gloss, and my car keys comfortably. And no, the clutch did not start bulging oddly, as if it were a python still alive devouring its lunch. The inside features three compartments with a slim middle separator. Again, the degree of practicality is astonishing. This is precisely what Lambertson Truex does best. They design bags that have stay power,
    Cheap Valentino Women’s High Heels, so that the woman buying them will not have to retire the expensive it bag to the back of her closet.

    The LT Dietrich will cost $1,295 and will available in stores beginning of November. You can also shop Lambertson Truex via Saks.

    Megs Mahoney Dusil ON

    Cheap Valentino Shoes Sale.08 IN

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  • valentino garavani bags | Cheap Valentino Women’s flats

    valentino garavani bags |

    Sarah Jessica Parker Carries Snob Essentials

    In a few months,
    Cheap Valentino Women’s flats, PurseBlog will turn ten years old. Vlad and I started PurseBlog from my dorm room in college and the journey we’ve taken has been truly amazing. New blogs are popping up daily, but there are a few other bloggers that are fellow old-timers that have been around for nearly a decade.

    Another handbag-loving site popped up a bit after PurseBlog that many of you know,, and in the past couple years the duo behind the site formed A couple of months ago, Tina and Kelly started a line of handbags dubbed Snob Essentials for HSN (now at other retailers).

    This week the ultimate celebrity love came from Sarah Jessica Parker who was snapped strolling the streets of NYC with her adorable daughters carrying the Snob Essentials Jewel Box Handbag. SJP is the ultimate fashionista both on-screen and off and if you’ve been following the news,
    Valentino Shoes for Women, it looks like she is hinting at the possibility of a Sex and the City 3 movie. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for SATC3 and a major congrats to my friends Tina and Kelly on the success of their new line! Buy this jewelry box bag via HSN for $68.





    Megs Mahoney Dusil ON

    Valentino Sneakers Womens Sale.17,
    Valentino Shoes Replica.14 IN

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  • valentino garavani handbags | Valentino Shoes Outlet

    valentino garavani handbags |

    World is Most Extravagant Handbags

    Yesterday and early this morning we brought you some of the world’s most extravagant handbags. Some are drop dead gorgeous while others make you wonder why you would spend one cent on them. The information came from an amazing article written in Forbes magazine and online by Hitha Prabhakar. I had the pleasure of speaking with Hitha and sharing some of my thoughts for the article. Thanks to Hitha and Forbes! Read the full article after seeing the quoted part below!

    World’s Most Extravagant Handbags

    Hitha Prabhakar

    Not to be outdone, Louis Vuitton had fashionistas scrambling recently for the $42,000 Tribute Patchwork handbag introduced on the runway last fall. Dubbed the most expensive handbag ever by industry experts and media outlets, the four available this year in U.S. stores sold out, but 20 can be found in Louis Vuitton boutiques throughout Europe and Asia.

    If something is hard to find or impossible to get, it makes it more valuable, says Meaghan Mahoney, editor of, an online community devoted to handbags. In addition to paying the high price, you are also getting something that no one else will have.

    What hangs in our closets depends on the creativity of these 10 men and women. Click here to see who made our list of fashion industry tastemakers.

    That’s true for the Tribute. It may not be most attractive bag, Mahoney continues. It’s made of 15 different patterns of Vuitton handbags all sewn together. But only 24 of them exist. Translation? It’s unsightly, but prized.

    Despite media claims that the Tribute is the costliest handbag on the market,
    Valentino Shoes Outlet, we found several much more expensive. Adding to the princely price tags? Diamonds and rare animal skin.

    Read the full article after the jump!

    Got $100,000 to burn? How about investing in a diamond-encrusted metallic alligator skin clutch favored by Hollywood’s A-listers? Better act fast, though. With six-figure totes such as these flying off shelves like crinkly hot cakes, it’s a wonder there are any reptiles left.

    People want to spend their money on frivolous things, says Pamela Danziger, author of Why People Buy Things They Don’t Need and founder of luxury good research company Unity Marketing.

    So much so that Bernard Arnault, chairman and chief executive of LVMH Moet-Hennessy Louis Vuitton, which includes brands such as Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Givenchy, said during the company’s earnings conference call in February that ready-to-wear fashion and leather goods accounted for much of the company’s 12% growth last year. Online shopping site saw a 13% increase in sales of handbags over $500 in 2006.

    In Pictures: World’s Most Extravagant Handbags

    Not to be outdone, Louis Vuitton had fashionistas scrambling recently for the $42,000 Tribute Patchwork handbag introduced on the runway last fall. Dubbed the most expensive handbag ever by industry experts and media outlets, the four available this year in U.S. stores sold out, but 20 can be found in Louis Vuitton boutiques throughout Europe and Asia.

    If something is hard to find or impossible to get, it makes it more valuable, says Meaghan Mahoney, editor of, an online community devoted to handbags. In addition to paying the high price, you are also getting something that no one else will have.

    What hangs in our closets depends on the creativity of these 10 men and women. Click here to see who made our list of fashion industry tastemakers.

    That’s true for the Tribute. It may not be most attractive bag, Mahoney continues. It’s made of 15 different patterns of Vuitton handbags all sewn together. But only 24 of them exist. Translation? It’s unsightly, but prized.

    Despite media claims that the Tribute is the costliest handbag on the market, we found several much more expensive. Adding to the princely price tags? Diamonds and rare animal skin.

    Bejeweled Bags

    Accessorizing handbags with precious stones is not uncommon. The Gadino, from Norwegian designer Hilde Palladino, boasts white gold and diamonds. Cost: $38,470.

    The Lana Marks Cleopatra Clutch in alligator ($100,000) comes accessorized with 1,500 black and white round diamonds. Only one clutch is made for retail each year. Marks also makes a yearly limited edition Cleopatra for one actress to carry down the red carpet. Call it a lucky charm two have won Academy Awards in recent years while possessing the bag: Charlize Theron in 2004, and this year Helen Mirren, who carried hers right up to the podium.

    Rare Skins

    When it comes to alligator, ostrich or snakeskin, handbag designers go to extreme lengths to find the rarest. Santiago Gonzalez, chief executive of Nancy Gonzalez handbags, has traveled from the Australian outback to Hong Kong to find skins that seldom come to market.

    Crazy for cashmere,
    Buy Cheap Valentino Replica Bags? Click here for five ultra-luxe ways to stay warm in style for big spenders and thrifty alike.

    What people don’t understand, he says, is that it takes a certain amount of area on the skin to make a bag. That means that since uniformity of scale is prized,
    Red Valentino Shoes Red Valentino, even if a reptile with rare skin is found, if too small, the search continues.

    The Nancy Gonzalez Porousus Bag, made with uncommon ring lizard skin, costs $30,000. Designer Devi Kroell uses alligator skins whose scales are similar in size a rarity to create a $29,000 bag.

    A Purse Is Worth A Thousand Words

    Of course, an expensive handbag speaks volumes about the lucky person who carries one. The most vocal? The world’s most expensive.

    Some argue no bag compares to the Hermes $148,000 Birkin in croc porosus lisse. What makes this bag so expensive by far the costliest in the world is not just the type of skin used, but the nine carats of diamonds set in white gold and placed on its clasp and lock. This bag is custom made.

    Fair Fashion

    Lovely leather aside, with animal rights activists up-in-arms over fashionistas in fur, might we not soon see the day when lizard lovers will have been intimidated against buying bags that once swam or slithered?

    As much you would think there would be a huge backlash, there won’t be, says Danziger. It goes back to the basic rule of supply and demand. The more rare and scarce something is, the more people want it. In the case of overly expensive handbags,
    Cheap Valentino Women’s flats, people will still covet them because it’s an uncommon find.

    Megs Mahoney Dusil ON

    4.10.07 IN

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  • stone island cheap | Stone Island Clothing for Men

    stone island cheap |

    Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Clutch

    The deep hues of blues,
    Stone Island Clothing for Men, reds,
    Cheap Stone Island Clothing Sale for Men, and purples that appear almost black but in the right light give a hint of color are drop dead gorgeous. There is no need to be decked out in black at all times. Rather, for an event that most will wear black to, pop a hue of color that makes everyone do a double take. The hottest nail polish right now is the Chanel Blue Satin Nail Polish, which is such a deep blue hue that only with a touch of light does it appear blue rather than black. Going along the same trend, the Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Clutch shows off a deep shade of purple on shiny crocodile leather. The clutch is structured and has a front flap which leads to suede lining. While this Nancy Gonzalez bag is also available in red and black, the purple is by far the best color option. Dimensions are perfect for a night out, measuring 4 1/2″H x 8″W x 2″D. I find this bag to be elegant,
    Salvatore Ferragamo Belts, stunning, and timeless. Buy through Saks for $1,050.

    Megs Mahoney Dusil ON

    Ferragamo Shoes Discount.08 IN

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  • kids stone island jackets | Cheap Stone Island Jacket

    stone island jackets |

    I ive got a big ol i bag crush on the Salar Juni Shoulder Bag

    Salar Juni Woven Leather Shoulder Bag, $810 via Luisa Via Roma

    By the very nature of this job, I end up writing about a lot of bags that couldn’t be further from my personal style. And that’s ok,
    Cheap Stone Island Jacket, because it’s part of being successful in the fashion industry: The ability to see the value in things beyond your own narrow point of view. But sometimes, a bag like the Salar Juni Woven Shoulder Bag pops up and presents itself as exactly the type of bag that I’d love to carry, and those are always exciting days for me. You have to take pleasure in the little things, people.

    Although I’m generally drawn to brightly colored bags, my love for black is deep and abiding. Particularly black leather, which appeals to the teenage punk who lives inside of my head and the Rick Owens lover that I’ve turned into as an adult. And despite the fact that it’s difficult to do things that are new and exciting with a black hobo, this design seems fresh and edgy. It’s the kind of bag that I wish Alexander Wang made more often. The soft leather gives the bag a ton of texture when it’s woven into a loose crosshatch,
    Stone Island Clothing for Men, but the shape and color ensure that it stays functional and neutral. If the leather’s as nice in person as it looks in photos,
    Ferragamo Shoes Discount, the bag is well worth the price. Buy through Luisa Via Roma for $810

    Amanda Mull ON

    Stone Island Jacket.11 IN

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  • selfridges stone island | Stone Island Jacket

    selfridges stone island |

    Man Bag Monday: Alexander Wang Wallie Holdall

    For a long time,
    Stone Island Jacket, I wondered why Alexander Wang didn’t do men’s bags. Wang’s dark, industrial, ultra-cool aesthetic is patently unisex, and bags have always been a great success for the brand. Many of Wang’s larger women’s bags have been favorites of fashionable dudes for a long time, and when there’s a clear market, a smart company tries to fill it. Alexander Wang,
    Stone Island Outlet Store, as a brand, is nothing if not growth-savvy.

    Enter the Alexander Wang Wallie Holdall, which is among Wang’s first men’s efforts. It’s exactly what you would expect black leather,
    Cheap Stone Island Jacket, slouchy shape, minimal hardware for the men’s market which is kind of perfect. Launching a new line requires fleshing out the basics, and this design is as good an attempt at that as you’ll find.

    At first the price seemed a little high to me $1250, whereas almost all of Wang’s women’s bags are well below $1000 but at 20 inches wide, this is a genuine travel bag. It would be perfect as a carry on or for a weekend trip, and if the leather is as thick and chewy as it looks in this photo, then the price doesn’t seem quite so at odds with the brand’s normal retail structure. I’d still like to see it a bit lower men’s bags are usually more reasonably priced than women’s, and part of Wang’s appeal has been his relatively attainable price point. We’ll have to wait and see whether the men’s bags perform, I suppose,
    Ferragamo Shoes Discount, but there’s no aesthetic reason that they should. Buy through Mr. Porter for $1250.

    Amanda Mull ON

    10.1.12 IN

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